Specialists in quality

Today Vernites, thanks to the experience gained and its highly qualified partners, offers quality, cutting-edge and technological products able to satisfy any request.

Research and development

Quality and reliability are also demonstrated by research laboratories, where a team of highly qualified professionals works, new paints are created and strict tests are carried out that the company applies to the entire production.

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ACQUATIC is a brand name born in VERNITES in order to satisfy the requirements of the "Do It Yourself" industry.
VERNITES has created this wide range for its customers in order to make available a variety of products for wood, metal and décor.
ACQUATIC products enable everyone to tint and paint by a professional system with an easy way of use both in the presence of a professional and/or inexperienced. All products are water-based and safe without any risk during the use for the human health. The high quality of the products assures long-lasting results.