The VERNITES waterbased preservatives are coatings that combine aesthetic and protective factors; they contain resins specifically developed to penetrate and protect the lignin and the wood fibres. Moreover, in our formulations there is a special  substance that protects the wood from fungi, molds, bacteria and xylophages. The preservatives are coloured with pigments suitable for outdoor use that reflect the sun's rays. The importance of choosing the right preservative in function of the wood essence and the destiny of the artefact is fundamental for a long lasting application and a guaranteed cycle.
They are divided into two main categories:
  • Preservative primer
  • Preservatives all in one
These can be furtherly divided into:
  • Conifers preservative
  • Hardwood preservative
The colours available are numerous and are summarized in the preservative stain colour chart. This colour chart consistis of 16 colours, 3 pigmented topcoats and one metallized effect.