Specialists in quality

Today Vernites, thanks to the experience gained and its highly qualified partners, offers quality, cutting-edge and technological products able to satisfy any request.

Research and development

Quality and reliability are also demonstrated by research laboratories, where a team of highly qualified professionals works, new paints are created and strict tests are carried out that the company applies to the entire production.

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Vernites at WMS 2019!


19 Dec 2019
Merry Christmas

Another year to go down in history, memories to put in the box, budgets and forecasts to hit the spot ... all of you a warm thank you for the trust you gave us. Happy holidays and a happy new year. ... follow

04 Dec 2019
Water-based paints fear frost

Here comes the dreaded winter. Temperatures are lowered and the problem of transporting and using water-based products is once again present. Don't underestimate the strength of the frost, it could co ... follow

20 Nov 2019
Do water-based paints resist coffee?

The enemy number 1 of water-based pigmented interior finishes is definitely coffee. A drink so loved by us Italians, capable of coloring, with its extractives, the surfaces lacquered with water-based ... follow

The Vernites DIY

ACQUATIC is a brand name born in VERNITES in order to satisfy the requirements of the "Do It Yourself" industry.
Discover on the AQUATIC website the products for wood, iron and wall that Vernites has made available Aquatic products give everyone the opportunity to paint / color like a professional, but with the ease of use of those who are professionals in this sector is not.
The water based BASE material is safe and usable by anyone without any risk; the quality of the products gives lasting results over time ...
DISCOVER and BUY directly on the AQUATIC website