The company was founded from an idea by Mr. Giuseppe Testa and Ms. Silvana De Franceschi, having gained extensive experience in a company of international renown. Over the years, his three sons have joined the company, Fabrizio, Alessandro and Paolo and the company establishes itself on the national territory.


The company decided to discontinue the production of solvent-based products, the success of the water-based products leading the creator to make changes to production. Years of substantial investment followed focusing on increasing the production capacity with the image of the company being transformed from small-scale to industrial. The distribution of the product nation-wide expanded towards Europe.


The company celebrates 50 years of activity, with a production site and a logistic space, which includes the administrative and commercial offices, the warehouse and an application and training room.


thanks to the experience gained and its highly qualified partners, offers quality, cutting-edge and technological products able to satisfy any request. This is the result of the commitment of all the employees who have worked for years in Vernites and that have allowed us to accomplish our vision.


  • Let's do what we think!
  • The better the collaboration will be, the bigger the success will be!
  • We protect the environment, so we use water-based paints
  • We believe in the value of people.
  • We promote personal and professional development, collaboration in a young and dynamic team, common goals and accountability.

These are the principles that distinguish us and to which our true values are bound: strength, courage and ambition.

...and Mission

Our goal is to become a point of reference internationally in the field of paints and to achieve this ambitious result, we share this commitment at every level of the business.

a 360 ° company


The production plants are located in Lonate Pozzolo, just outside Milan. The recently expanded new logistics allows a large storage capacity and a quick order fulfillment. Today, its structures are well positioned in the most important European markets and are a foundation for the continuous growth of the traditional family business.
Nor only do we ensure the prompt delivery and effective distribution of our products but before and after the sale, both in Italy and abroad, we offer our clients a guarantee of comprehensive technical and commercial assistance.


VERNITES S.r.l. concentrates mostly on professional users of wood, located both in Italy and in many nations of the world. Our end customers are primarily manufacturers or craftsmen who paint, bathroom furniture, kitchen accessories, doors, frames, panels, chairs, tables, table legs, pedestals, frames, window frames, garden furniture and outdoor items.


The assistance service is at the center of our philosophy: several technicians advise and follow the customer in choosing the ideal cycles and products until the best result is achieved.
The customers also have the opportunity to enter the restricted area and download the technical and security documentation in complete autonomy according to current regulations.