latte vernites
Production plant
Lonate Pozzolo

VERNITES produces in Lonate Pozzolo. The factory is immersed in the Ticino Park and located in the middle of one of the most important industrial areas in Europe.

The structure has the most modern production plants for water-based paints, managed by automatic process systems and controlled by specialized operators, creating a perfect synergy between the precision of the machinery and the irreplaceable experience of human value.

The surface of the production area is organized in different departments, each dedicated to a different series of products; the company has a line for the production of outdoor paints, a line reserved for indoor products, and one intended for the complements of the tintometric system.

The industrial range is made complete by UV drying paints, and hydro series for materials such as wood, plastic, leather, metal and glass, allowing to meet the different demands of the market with specific solutions for each intended use.

VERNITES also produces the AQUATIC DIY line, designed for non-professional users and designed to guarantee excellent quality and results in an easy application.

The quality and sustainability of vernites products is the result of careful planning of all production processes, and choices aimed at reducing the environmental impact in favor of sustainable development, affirming our reality as an example of Green Economy.