Production & logistics
Lonate Pozzolo

The new Vernites plant is located in Lonate Pozzolo, in the heart of Malpensa's most important industrial district and surrounded by the verdant Ticino park.

The facility is outfitted with the most advanced automatic paint production systems, which are fully programmable remotely and directly connected to the central management system, for improved production and warehouse supply monitoring (interconnected and automatic, according to the INDUSTRIA 4.0 directives). The KW produced by the solar panels on the roof of the building ensure the energy efficiency of the entire facility, not to mention the two charging stations for electric vehicles in the parking lot.

The company’s production area includes a large number of automatic agitators and mixers, devoted to the processing of batches; there are over 200 tonnes of raw materials stored in silos dedicated to resins, a fully automatic additive extraction plant, as well as several semi-automatic packaging machines, each dedicated to a different product line.

Also inside the production area we find an application room with a testing booth, dedicated to carrying out quality controls on newly produced batches, a drying area for panels, equipped with ovens to speed up the processes of spinning the lacquers, a tinting room, with micro-precision scales and automatic and semi-automatic tinting machines used for creating lacquers and special effects, a series of volumetric machines for small packaging (do-it-yourself and catalysers) and microsphere technology machinery for the production of tactile and velvety effects.

The administrative, commercial, and purchasing offices are located on the ground floor of the building front section, while the analysis and quality control laboratory, where every production is analysed prior to packaging and archived after several tests, is located on the upper floor. Next to the laboratory is an area for employees and refreshments, as well as a conference room for supplier meetings.

In the warehouse area, our dispatch manager (INDUSTRIA 4.0) controls the storage of all Vernites products via computer, which speeds up the inventory and procurement operations responsible for their rapid and secure shipment. In accordance with current safety regulations, products are stored in the warehouse and packaged and prepared in the shipping area for delivery to a variety of destinations.

Cardano al Campo

The historical headquarters in Cardano al Campo, where it all began in 1965, have been recently renovated to create new working environments, most notably the VERNITES ACADEMY LABORATORY, a space dedicated to the training and development of customers and new collaborators in the Vernites world. Comprised of an application room equipped with a drying oven and an oven for instant UV curing finishes, a test cabin, storage for exotic wood species and work surfaces such as automatic sanding benches, it is the ideal environment for becoming acquainted with Vernites water-based products.

In addition to the spaces reserved for the academy, the Cardano site features a warehouse entirely dedicated to the storage of products from the AQUATIC line, dedicated to do-it-yourselfers, a large conference room and a video projection room used for refresher and training courses.

  • What we think, we do!
  • The better the collaboration, the greater the success!
  • We are environmentally conscious, so we produce water-based paints.
  • We believe in the worth of individuals.
  • We encourage personal and professional growth, cooperation within a young and dynamic team, the pursuit of shared objectives, and the assumption of responsibility.

These are the distinguishing principles to which our true values are tied: tenacity, bravery, and ambition.


We intend to preserve the future of our children by continuing to create a working environment in harmony with the planet and by conserving as many resources as possible while maintaining our high quality standards.


VERNITES S.r.l. caters primarily to professional wood users, industries, craftsmen, architects, carpenters and furniture makers who primarily paint: bathroom furniture, kitchens and accessories, parquet and wooden floors, furnishing accessories (tables, chairs, garden furniture), frames, doors and gates, plinths, door and window frames, fixtures and any outdoor wooden item.