The culture of quality

The culture of quality is a guiding element of the VERNITES activity, testified by the company procedures adopted in every sector and operational role, the level of production and the satisfaction of its interlocutors.

The Quality Control Laboratory and the High Tech R&D Laboratory are an integral part of this philosophy. Environments that combine practice, technology and theory, where the most innovative, functional and environmentally friendly solutions are studied.

The Quality Control Laboratory verifies the standards that each production must comply with, carrying out strict analytical and practical tests that the department applies on incoming raw materials and finished products, allowing traceability over time to the entire production chain.

The High Tech R&D Laboratory, instead, deals with studying the resins and additives that will build the paints of tomorrow, the new products and trends that the market proposes every year, allowing the company to always keep up with the taste of the consumer. Research the innovative solutions offered by VERNITES products, which have become a benchmark in the most important national, European and world markets.

Innovative technologies

A water-based paint product is more difficult and complex to manufacture than its solvent-based counterpart. It requires knowledgeable, well-trained personnel, and the plants must be outfitted with cutting-edge technology.


Our objective is the realisation of a comprehensive project, along with the protection of the environment and the security of all company operations. Our approach to employees and clients is centred on people and their requirements.

All-around excellence

The convertibility of materials, equipment, and production methods enables us to offer a product line that meets the market needs in every way.