Tintometric system

The tinting system Easytint born in VERNITES in the end of the 90s; developed to produce pigmented finishes in a simple and rapid way.
The system consists in formulas and pigment pastes which can be matched by hand or with the help of automatic dispensers.
Spectrophotometers and gyroscopic mixer are completing the package for a perfect mixing and good reproduction of the products.
During these years the consumption and the demand of pigmented finishes is increased, and in function of this requested, we have improved the compatibility of the converters; the stability of the pastes; the functionality of the machinery; the precision of  spectrophotometers; the power of the mixers.
Today the portfolio offered by the Tintometric system is very large and competitive than in the past.
Are available the following products:
  • Waterborne pigmented pastes
  • Waterborne iron oxide pastes
  • Preservative stain converter (exterior)
  • Converters mono/bi-components for exterior
  • Converters mono/bi-components for interior