Saniver gel hands

Discover the new perfumed non-rinse sanitizer 🌺🇮🇹 made in Italy 🇮🇹A quick and practical solution to cleanse the skin of your hands leaving it soft and fragrant! ... follow

29 May 2020

WB Deck Oil Matt

Are you looking for a teak oil that resists more than twice the usual market products? Are you looking for a water-based product, easy to apply, quick to dry, odorless and environmentally friendly? WB ... follow

22 May 2020

Creative by nature

In the vast Vernites range there is always the ideal product to enhance the aesthetic impact of wood, defend it and protect it against all aggressions and the passage of time. ... follow

15 May 2020

Quality controls in the world of paints

Over 14,000 annual quality checks on finished products and around 6000 on incoming raw materials. A so mandatory control of quality that sometimes becomes restrictive towards production efficiency. Th ... follow

08 May 2020

Development of Vernites' foreign markets

Addressing new markets and going forth with the made in Italy: this is Vernites’ mission, who has more deply entered in the past few years new areas, North America, Russia, Poland, the Baltic regions, ... follow

01 May 2020

Happy Easter

Happy Easter greetings from all Live Chemical Group staff! 🐣🌷 ... follow

12 Apr 2020


In this delicate period we are close to all those who are spending their time in their home.For DIY and maintenance lovers, remember that our Aquatic site is active: here you can find everything you n ... follow

11 Apr 2020

GREEN POLICY by Vernites

Low environmental impact, energy from renewable sources, use of raw materials from recyclable sources, low consumption of plastic and petroleum derivatives, recyclable metal packaging. Maximum content ... follow

25 Mar 2020

Ivlack in the Live project

Vernites and Lorchem are happy to announce the inclusion of Ivlack in the Live project, the project takes a completely different form, water and solvent based paints produced in 3 factories, 5 covered ... follow

13 Mar 2020

WXE889 Eco Meganatur 0 gloss

A water-based matte finish with natural effect capable of withstanding the exterior and being guaranteed for 5 years. This is WXE889 Eco Meganatur 0 gloss. Very high quality product, created to recrea ... follow

28 Feb 2020

Water-based impregnating agents

Did you know that outdoor wooden railings are subject to attack by fungi, mold and bacteria that can deteriorate them?Thanks to the #Vernites water-based impregnating agents, you no longer run these r ... follow

14 Feb 2020

The dyes

The dyes are specific products designed to change the initial color of the wood.They are paints that differ in their different light resistance, in their miscibility in water or solvent, in their diff ... follow

31 Jan 2020