Vernites & La Musica del Cuore, together close to the hearts of children

14 Feb 2023

February 14th represents for all of us a day, to spend with our family and our loved ones, the ones we carry in our hearts. Not many people know that it is also World Awareness Day about Congenital Heart Disease, the most prevalent of neonatal congenital defects.

We are a 'company of people, and we have always had "at heart" initiatives to support the safeguard of others, by cooperating for several years with both the Italian Red Cross and Civil Defense in case of need or emergencies. Speaking of congenital heart diseases, our involvement could not have had stronger impetus than the enormous challenge directly faced by a member of the Testa family, young Giorgia, a passionate singer and artist;

Giorgia has battled several times against a congenital disease called Pulmonary Atresia, coming out victorious, carrying the marks of her struggles in her heart and on her skin.

Having experienced firsthand the strength with which one must face a journey such as hers, Giorgia did not lose heart and, together with some special people, decided to create the association "La Musica del Cuore," a non-profit organization, which through music and theater helps children and young people coming out of the pediatric surgery and heart wards to accept themselves and their bodies in their post surgery journey. It educates about diversity, as we are all different because we are unique, and aims to create a community in support of the children involved and their parents . The association is currently in contact with the Hospital of Bergamo, where Giorgia was also underwent surgery at birth, and is expanding its presence on the territory.

We decided to support the association "La Musica del Cuore" in order to contribute to research and give concrete hope to those who, like Giorgia, begin life's journey uphill, but receive loving care along the way.

If you, too, would like to support "La Musica del Cuore," please contact Giorgia and her team at 'mail address or visit and see all the information you need to donate.

Thank you from the HEART, Vernites staff and Testa family.